How To Write Songs


Writing a song does not differ much from writing a script, a story or any other text. Obviously it has its differences with respect to them but as any composition has its similarities.
What differentiates a song from another text is its short extension, the freedoms and restrictions that we have. It is also important to note that a song is often composed of verses and refrains, certain rhymes, that carry a certain rhythm or melody.
Then we find that, mainly a song revolves around an idea, which is the motive and the motor that drives the song. There are many ways to write songs as well as different techniques.

Ways to write a song

The same theme, for example love, could be written or presented in different ways in the lyrics of a song. A rough way we can identify 4 ways to write a song:


Tell a story in a way very similar to a story, have a development, where something happens to a character. It usually tells the story of a third person. This type of song usually has a twist of the story like the scripts. This type of song is usually very anecdotic and full of humor. Some include moral or final reflection.


The song seeks to express a simple idea or slogan can also be a discontent, mainly social. Generally the verses are very simple and is characterized by having a very strong chorus where the slogan, complaint or leitmotiv of the song is clearly left. This type of songs also tend to be used a lot for dance music , commercial or advertising for jingles. That is to say, the chorus prima with its slogan over the rest of the song.

First person

The song is “spoken” in the first person, the author tells you about his feelings, thoughts or ideas in the first person, he can also tell a story. But this type of song stands out for being directed to the listener, that is, it challenges the listener.


The song revolves around describing something, someone can also be a feeling, emotion or the same. What emphasizes this type of songs of these songs resides in the use of metaphors and metonyms as well as the description in detail, precise and luxurious. The song has a form of description, not facts occur but descriptions.

How to write songs?

The lyrics of a song is simply telling something, the trick is that there are different ways to do it, and according to what you want to tell you choose a way of telling it that makes the song work better or is forgotten
Take for example the theme of “love”.

First person is often used in love songs where it is spoken to “she” and it works because it is as if it were whispered in the ear or interpellated, while the descriptive is usually used more in romantic songs where usually describes how much you love a person who is beautiful and how much you love it, the song in the form of a story is usually more anecdotal, and finally a song slogan can be synthesized in a very powerful phrase used in the chorus to protest, sell a product or to shout something to the world “all you need is loveĀ».

Of course the songs can mix different shapes and styles and that is what makes them interesting, the trick is to try to find the one that works with our song, its genre, what we want to tell and how we want to tell it.
These 4 forms are not the only ways to write a song! These are the most frequent, I invite you to keep reading because you will be surprised with what you can do with a song


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