6 Forms Of Promotion That Independent Musicians Do Not Know


Most of the time, independent musicians think that promotion is to play for free, give an interview, and go out on TV, but the reality is there are many more ways to promote your music and some are very simple. In this article we will see 6 ways to promote your music, make your band look bigger than it is, look professional and build confidence. The best part is that they are free, easy and requires a little work
Whenever we think of musical promotion we think of money. And this is the perfect excuse, since most artists do not have a large budget, neither with contacts nor with the media. So we thought, “impossible to promote, the world is unfair” but are there other methods of promotion for independent musicians? Of course yes!
The first question we should ask ourselves is, if you search for the name of your band: How many results would there be? Would you find something related to it?

How big is your band?

Imagine that a journalist is interested in your band, seeks you and there is nothing. This scenario is difficult for him, both because there is no content to promote or information. Gives confidence? Would you post something about yourself?

This scenario is the most usual, there are many artists who have good songs, they upload them; someone listens to them by chance, wants to know more about the band and there is nothing of material. And let’s not just talk about journalists, but potential fans.
If they search you on the internet and find enough information and content about your music, your songs and your band or about you, your band seems more reliable, more professional and is more likely to dare to publish something. Fans who want to know more about you, have more content and are more likely to get involved. There is no content = you do not exist.

The promotion is not chance.

People believe in adorable coincidences like “I was sailing and I found them by chance. I loved it . ” This is very frequent, but in reality it is not chance it is about believing in work. That someone will find your song is not so coincidence, you uploaded the song.

What you should know that the best promotion is the content, is to be, appear. That if someone searches for you, find your song on YouTube, your Facebook page and especially many more things! That is why it is very important to start developing the digital identity of the band, its culture, the information that circulates, and its content. Many times, this develops over time, the fans generate the content, the media writes about you but why wait? If you are committed to your music, is not it better to give it a little push?

The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis strategy is to think of promotion as content, be it about your band or your songs. Not in order to sell or promote, but to give, to be, to appear. Because all the content and value that you can create, offer and spread makes your band bigger. Many musicians are frustrated because they upload their song and do not get 1 million views, or write a post and nobody reads it, or because they upload a photo and do not have hundreds of likes. It’s not about instant success, but about being and creating, all that work sooner or later bears fruit.

An important detail: if you do not like to think of this as a promotion, think about it in sharing, in being, we should have fun, it is about giving more of us, in other aspects beyond “playing music”. You music in other ways.

6 super easy ways to promote your music

1) Upload your lyrics

If you upload your songs, why do not you upload the lyrics ? There are many pages and sites where fans upload the lyrics of the songs. Do not expect the fans to do it.
There are even specific pages of musical genres, for example only of tango, folklore, or rap which allows you to reach specifically the people interested in that musical genre.
There are also other pages, music and lyrics where you can upload the lyrics with the chords (tabs).
At this point, the ideal is to upload the lyrics of your songs on your page and then on all other sites. The good thing about this is that it’s easy and it’s free: it’s just about copying and pasting the lyrics of your song.
This is interesting because it can happen that someone finds the lyrics of your song and goes to listen to your song, that of your song wants to know more and that is with the lyrics and that we started to appear, to generate content related to branding and name of the band.

2) Make a book of your band or your music

You can create a PDF or another type of format. There are a thousand ideas about what kind of “book” you can make:
a) one per disc, such as the booklet that came with the CDs before, including the lyrics of your songs and some art such as photos, designs, etc.
b) One of the tour: you can make a book with photos of the show, the fans, the backstage, etc.
c) One with the culture of the band
d) A book of presentation or summary of the history of the band
e) A yearbook of the band, with the best moments of the year.
f) A half kit: Similar to the presentation book but specific to the press.
h) A book of illustrated lyrics
It is important to emphasize that it is about doing something that is worthwhile, that gives you pride. These things give a very professional detail, and are a fantastic extra for all. It’s a little job, but when you see it finished it’s an incredible feeling.
And the uses are many, you can give it to your fans, you can upload the book to the sites where you can upload pdf files such as issue, google play, scribs, slideshare, use it as a promotional element, etc.

3) Upload a cover or video tutorial of your song

This is a dirty trick but very effective. If you have already released your official video, ask your friends to do covers or a video tutorial teaching how to play your song and share it. This trick is really effective (especially if a woman does it, it’s pretty and nice). What’s going on? When there is someone interested in your band, it generates more interest, it gives value to the band. You are also generating more content related to your band, which is promotion. An additional tip, that in “each video of the fans” put a link to your original song.

4) Create a link with influencers

Very fashionable in recent years, the influencers are people who have a large group of followers in some social network and which sets a trend in some field and we can mainly find them on YouTube although Instagram is another of the networks that is gaining ground in this type of promotion.
While most of the “influencers” do not set a real trend, and are more of an entertainment, it can be an excellent way to promote your music and reach your audience.

What can you do? It’s very simple, you should look for one that has a “wave” similar to your band, that share the same audience, who live in the same area or better yet who likes the same music. Here depends on your social intelligence you can invite him to a concert and backstage, give him tickets or a shirt, send him a CD. The idea is to recommend or talk about your band in a video or promote a photo. Beware, it is not about being a parasite but about achieving a real bond with the person, and that everyone has a good time.
If you want to be more direct, you can ask how much I would charge you to make a video talking about your band or pass a song in a video or a tweet.
It is worth noting that the use of influencers is a type of promotion widely used by brands, agencies and other companies.

5) Invent your own news

The first thing you should know is that most of the news that happens in the world of music is a lie, it is pure entertainment but it gives exposure and it works. Actually, this applies to most news, it’s just a story. This is to demystify and to understand that the idea here is that instead of waiting for someone to write from your band for you, do it yourself.

Beware, it is not about inventing lies but if you start to create or give information about your band.
Remember that everything is news, and depends on how it is presented. The most usual examples are: “Presents your new album …”; “Such an artist surpassed such number of downloads”; “Such a band will appear in …”; “Such a band will be presented for the first time in …”; “Such an artist achieved such a number of reproductions in …”
You’ve released a single, you’re recording a new album, you’re going to play somewhere, or you’ve already played: write a story. It is important that you do it in a news way, that is to say, it seems like a news item.

6) Become your own press agent

Once you have written the news, normally the task here is to send them to your contacts in the media as a press agent does. One thing you should know, here is a bit of luck: maybe they publish it or maybe not. Here the important thing is to get the attention, the professionalism of your news and get attention.

However, you may not have contacts in the media, and what do you do? If you live in a not very big city you can contact the local newspaper or a journalist and many times they will be delighted to publish the news of your band on your website and perhaps in your diary. The media needs content, so many will be delighted.

However, you may not have contacts or live in a bigger city or even not feel like contacting journalists. For this, there are very simple and effective solutions that you can even use before contacting journalists.
You should know that, there are hundreds of websites, and newspapers that allow anyone to send their news. Simply search the internet for “upload news”, “publish your news” or variants of these words. Most of these sites are free, and consists of going and pasting the text of your news. Something easier?

An advice, do not copy and paste the same news in a similar way in all the sites, rewrite it.
You can also see the option if you want to appear in a very special website, contact them and ask them if they would publish the news, or in case, (even if it is convenient), pay them a small amount (believe me, most will be happy if there is silver in between).

he plan is to start publishing a good number of news that will increase the results with respect to your band, eventually you will achieve a good volume and there will be much more information available. And this gives the feeling that “this artist is serious”.
Do not go crazy trying to publish all the news in one sitting, it is a plan a constant work. It is better to publish one or two news per month for a year than 50 in a day.


It is important to start creating the digital identity of the band or your figure of artist, the culture of your music and provide information, if they seek you: they find you.
Of course, with this strategy you will not become famous from one day to the next, but it is very effective in the medium and long term. Your band will seem bigger, more professional and will give more confidence, simply because there is content and information about it available on the internet.

This is the way to start rolling the ball.

Instead of waiting for a journalist, fans or media to make you famous, start promoting yourself. Provide content, publish your news, do not wait for someone else to do it. Today internet gives this possibility. And most importantly: create content with respect to your music, your songs and your shows, it’s the best way for people to get involved with your art.


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