26 Reasons Why Your Music Is Boring


If there is something worse than lacking talent, it is boring. This is one of the most frequent situations in the world of music : boring songs. Music without flavor, insipid bands, artists who do not say anything. At this point, many musicians often think “is that nobody understands my music” , “they do not know anything” , or the best of all “no one supports the local scene” . In some cases it may be true, but the real problem is that your music and your band are very boring.

Let’s be honest, good music convinces alone and if people do not listen to you it’s that your song is boring, it’s simple: it does not have anything interesting, people do not pay attention to it. The big problem for every musician is that nobody is going to tell him and it is very difficult to realize because one as an artist is involved in his work.

For this we see:

26 most frequent reasons why your music is boring:

1. You take your ideas too seriously and do not allow yourself to play with them.

2. Your songs are all the same.

3. You pretend to sound the same as your idols instead of doing something original and innovative.

4. You invest too much money in over producing your material with the illusion of impressing big names instead of doing what you really want to do.

5. You think your songs are a serious matter (Even the Beatles made songs in jest)

6. You have really believed too much the role of musician and you take it as a job.

7. Your lyrics always speak of the same subject (surprise me, love)

8. You do not know the concept of “if it’s short and good … twice good”.

9. Your songs are too complicated or intellectual ideas .

10. Always compose in the same way.

11. You are too theoretical (typical error of conservatory musician)

12. All your songs have the same structure

13. Your goal in the musical is to become famous and / or earn money

14. You are bored, and you have nothing to tell

15. You lack self-criticism (typical error of a self-taught musician)

16. You practice too much

17. Your music does not have an element that is attractive or memorable enough to attract attention (a melody, a riff, a rhythm, a phrase)

18. Your songs are lacking of a clear contrast.

19. Do not improvise enough (or, on the contrary, you are too chaotic)

20. You are too worried about sound and you do not experiment enough with the compositional elements such as rhythm, words, voices and melodies.

21. Do not bring anything new to music

22. You want to be different and original … and you’re just boring.

23. Do not dedicate the time necessary to work each song.

24. You think that every song you make deserves to be recorded.

25. You care more about the studio where you are going to record, than what you are going to record.

26. And the most important of all the reasons:

You do not have fun making music.

An important detail, many believe that the opposite of “boring” is “fun”, and this is another mistake. In music it is not about creating “funny” songs (unless that is your end) regardless of the genre, it is about achieving interesting songs (in different aspects) or at least, that they attract and maintain the attention of the public or who hears you.

Is my song boring? It is something that we should ask ourselves more often, in this way we can: identify the points in which the music fails and that we must fix, it is indispensable to improve our creations.

On the other hand, identifying the mental processes which lead us to these mistakes will save us a great amount of time.

In conclusion we can divide the reasons for the two points. The mental, the compositional.

In the mental, expectations are mainly found, thinking about the future, ego and work. And is that although you work as a musician, and music is a serious matter, when making music should be pleasant for you, you should enjoy it and just compose , there is no other thing in the world. Take your song as it really is. There is no money, there is no work, nor the public: only music.

Within this point, being bored is one of the main reasons, forcing oneself to compose without wanting is not productive. The best thing here is to find new inspiration, to look for new methods of composing, ideas, and to enjoy music again.

In the composition, focusing on the wrong elements, repeating, lacking structure or not generating contrast are the main reasons. To be too theoretical (or, on the contrary, too chaotic), is not good, music should have some beauty, grace, or at least, we should be inspired by this process is a good start.

It is worth noting that this 26 points applies to all types of musical genre, and each genre has its own elements, but without doubt, these are the main reasons why musicians make boring songs. Eye, there are many talented musicians, with great ideas and a lot of creativity but they are bored by some of these reasons. And if there is something worse than lacking talent, it is being boring.


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